Innovating Interior Design through Digital Technology
Contributing to Society as a
"Digital Interior Solution Provider"

Innovating Interior Design through Digital Technology
Contributing to Society as a "Digital Interior Solution Provider"

About Oliver Corporation

We have been creating interior spaces for offices, hotels, restaurants, and commercial, medical, and public facilities since our establishment in 1967. One of Oliver's distinctive features is the "Value Cross-Over Proposal" which merges valuable features of various markets to create a new valuable quality for our spaces. In our office projects, for example, in addition to designing spaces where people can work with vitality, we enhance the value of working in the office by incorporating luxury and hospitality elements found in hotels, developing attractive spaces that only we can create.

We provide comprehensive solutions for space creation, from planning, research, design, manufacturing original products and custom furniture to interior construction, and we receive high praise and trust from our customers.

Further Evolution of Interior Design

In recent years, we have started utilizing a metaverse platform called "Oliverse®" to address the challenges of sharing a completed design concept with our stakeholders. "Oliverse®" now allows us to synchronously co-create a space design concept in virtual space. Leveraging Oliver's expertise in creating spaces for various facilities, we will continue to propose solutions more swiftly and with higher quality.

Moreover, we are streamlining the complex tasks related to equipment procurement and facility management by constructing an operational system for centralized management. We believe that the system of "Future Interior Solutions" makes the process of creating facility spaces more clear, comprehensible, and useful to your organization.

For the Future of Society

As part of our commitment towards achieving a decarbonized society, we obtained FSC® certification ahead of the industry in 2006 and actively utilize the certification in our work. Last year, we announced the "D&D" furniture series made entirely from FSC®-certified wood and received recognition as a brand that balances environmental and economic sustainability. We will continue to work towards the realization of a sustainable society through the protection and utilization of the world's forest resources.


Our mission is to advance interior services through digital technology and demystify the process of creating facility spaces. We will continue to challenge ourselves towards creating shared value, aiming to be an indispensable presence in society and striving to be a company where each employee can work with pride.

Kazumasa Okawa
President & CEO Oliver Corporation


Company Name
Oliver Corporation
CEO Kazumasa Okawa
August 1967
Business Domains
General interior design manufacturing and sales
4,925 million yen
Annual Revenue
27,450 million yen (consolidated amount for FY 2023)
627 (consolidated for Apr. 2024)
Financial Period
Business Offices
HQ: Tokyo/Okazaki
Plant: Toyohashi
Sales: Dept.: 2 offices
Branches: 19 branches
Sales offices: 48 offices
Satellite offices: 3 offices


Offer one-stop service tailored to clients’ needs.

We provide tailored space proposals to our client from scratch with optimal approach, offering a one-stop custom-made system that covers planning, design, procurement, manufacturing, and construction, supporting throughout the entire process of creating the space.


Offer a design plan based on the clients' needs

Project Management


Interior Planning




Optimal global procurement & thorough production control

Draw and Production

Draw and

Quality Control




Offer the best support in alliance with our partners

Production Control


Logistics Management


Construction Management



Implement digital initiatives with internal resources

As a "Digital Interior Solution Provider," Oliver is actively pursuing digital technology that utilizes both software and hardware strengths for business solutions taking on projects from marketing to completion.

CG Presentation
CG Presentation
CG Presentation
When proposing interior concepts, we create CG perspectives to help our clients easily visualize the space.
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
Through Virtual Reality (VR) presentation, our clients can immerse themselves in a 360-degree virtual space, enabling them to imagine the space with a higher level of realism.
Smart Furniture
Smart Furniture
Smart Furniture
We develop products that combine furniture with digital technology, which enabling enrich and make everyday living more convenience.
Online Quality Control
Online Quality Control
Online Quality Control
We have built a system for conducting high-quality quality control inspections online same as actual inspection for overseas partner factories.
Oliver Operating System
Oliver Operating System
Oliver Operating System
We have developed operating system in-house for centralized management of procurement tasks which covering everything from fixtures and equipment to construction materials, essential related to opening new stores.

Offer comprehensive interior solutions by 100+ in-house designers

In addition to spatial designers handling the overall project, we have products designers specializing in custom-made furniture. Being equipped with manufacturing capabilities, Oliver can act speedily to realize optimal "made-to-order spaces" that meet high-quality, design, and safety standards for our client.

We propose interior plans that solve your business's problems of our clients. Interior design, furniture, color coordination and artwork, we suggest the most suitable interior solutions for our client’s space. We can also provide a presentation utilize CG and VR.
Our design team creates detailed structural drawings for custom-made and built-in furniture. We realize the custom furniture and interior elements that meet the demanded standards of quality, design, and safety. Even if you provide us with rough sketches, we will handle your design plan stating from creating the shop drawings.


Wide Marketing Offerings

While looking at all kinds of "living." Facing unknown issues through the creation of spaces.
Fifty years engaging in the creation of spaces where people gather, including medical and welfare facilities, hotels and amusement facilities. What we have cultivated on that path is adiverse range of know-how for solving customers’ issues.
For example, how to create a cafe in a medicalfacility, and how to create an office with an accommodation facility.Our ability to offer proposals plays a major role when we face unknown issues that go beyond the framework of existing facilities. Learning, working and playing. Shopping, eating and relaxing.
We, Oliver, will continue to walk together with places where various kinds of "living" are born.